Have a Happy New Year… or else!




Here’s a couple of Goon-ish cads that I whipped up in Zbrush.




Troll Update

I had a bit of time to dust off the old troll sculpt and give him a bit of a massage (not sure that’s legal – but just try and stop me coppers!). Still need to tweak things a bit here and there, but reckon I’ll do that during the posing process.


Special nod to Hendrik Freuer for the rope IMM!

Life Drawings

Humans are funny – full stop.

Having lived in foreign countries for the last decade or so I’ve seen a fair amount of stuff that struck me as absolutely hilarious. Granted I have a rather odd sense of humor…

I can only assume it was moving day for this fine fellow – and let’s face it, second trips are for sissies!


You’ve gotta wonder if these ladies had some rotten grandkids who thought it would be a hoot to give their Grammas some nifty new t-shirts for their birthdays. Or maybe they just like blasting Marilyn Manson on their iPods/Victrolas while performing x-rated acts on camera… who am I to judge.